• Limited Medical Coverage

    Sometimes a little health care coverage goes a long way towards protecting you and your family. Are you looking for lower cost alternatives to Major Medical plans? If so, Limited Medical may be perfect for you and your family.

    Limited Medical Insurance is an alternative to major medical coverage, and may suit your health care coverage needs. Limited Medical Insurance policies can help cover the costs of basic health care expenses at a lower cost than traditional major medical insurance. Although basic benefits are usually offered, Limited Medical Plans vary. A Limited Medical Plan may offer benefits that include doctor’s office visits, wellness and preventive services, outpatient diagnostic lab and x-ray services, emergency room visits in the case of an accident, hospital stays, surgical services, and sometimes a prescription drug benefit in the form of a discount card. Some Limited Medical Insurance Plans are offered with deductibles or copayments, and may even include access to Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Networks, vision and/or dental care, and prescription drug coverage, as well as a nursing line for the purpose of reducing visits to health care providers. We can assist you in determining which Limited Medical Insurance Plan is right for you.

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