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"I needed a plan for me, my wife and two kids and I needed it fast. Glad I found HealthCompare."

Several years of hard work went down the drain when the economy goes bad and not only am I out a source of income, but I'm out a health insurance plan to cover and protect my family. Suddenly, the smallest medical issue became the biggest financial hit to my savings. I needed a plan for me, my wife and two kids, and I needed it fast.

Sure, there was the COBRA health insurance option, and sure, it looked appealing, especially when faced with a one-month deadline to make my decision. Taking that option, though, meant paying double what my insurance costs had been previously and I just couldn't afford that. If there were ever a living example of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, it was my situation.

I ran into a guy at the unemployment office a week before who was in the same situation. As we traded horror stories about doctor visits, a woman next to us mentioned that she'd found insurance through First thing I did after taking care of my unemployment was head home and check out the site. I found affordable health insurance coverage for my whole family, we got to keep our current doctors and I ended up paying way less than the COBRA solution.

I don't know if anyone else checked out, but I'm glad I did. My family's health is protected now and so is our financial future.

"We found the coverage for our family, and any new additions that might come along."

My husband and I had a decent health insurance plan that gave us the coverage we needed at a reasonable price. Nothing fancy, but then, we didn't really need anything extravagant.

That was before we started thinking about having a baby. Suddenly, along with figuring out if we were ready to add to our family, let alone names or where the baby would be heading to college, we had to find affordable health insurance coverage that covered our entire family. And not only cover everyone, but still give us the financial freedom to spoil our baby when it arrived.

Friends of ours who had recently had a baby of their own told us about one night at dinner. They found a plan that covered their entire family for what turned out to be an incredibly reasonable price. My husband and I had already been searching for a health insurance plan for so long, we were worn out by the process and ready to settle for whatever looked to have even slightly decent coverage. We just wanted to be done looking so we could focus on everything else that needed attention.

As soon as we visited the site, it was clear we had come to the right place. We found our plan easily, located an OB-GYN, a doctor for my husband, and coverage for a newborn. All for less than what we were paying for our old health insurance plan!

Now we have affordable health insurance coverage in place and my husband and I feel safe. We know that if we end up welcoming a new addition in the near future, everyone will get the care they need. Good thing, too, because we're still figuring out where we want to send our kid to college.