Healthcare Reform and the "Wait and See Approach"

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The current health reform debate has caused some worry and confusion for many people making decisions about their health insurance. HealthCompare fields a high percentage of calls from customers who are, understandably, cautious and concerned.

A common question is "Do I buy health insurance now, or do I wait to see what the outcome of the health care reform process will be?"

There are a few points to consider here from the customer's point of view. Of course, it is natural for people to want to keep their expenses as low as possible. This often starts by looking at immediate daily and monthly bills. Finding that you have just signed up for a year-long health insurance policy, only to have the rules change, can be a frustrating experience. However, it is important to think through the wider issues.

  • Any changes to the health insurance industry that may come out of the health reform process will not happen overnight. They may take several years to fully implement. Current policies are unlikely to change in the short to medium term due to health reform legislation. Waiting for any changes that may happen to take place, before taking out health insurance could leave you unprotected and vulnerable for a long period of time.
  • As with any situation where change has or is about to happen, be it family circumstances, your employment or the policy itself, it is not wise to let any existing coverage lapse. It is considered a best practice to remain on your current policy until your new policy is live

There are many ways in which you can tailor your health insurance policy to your needs and budget. HealthCompare is skilled at finding out your exact needs. If you are still unsure whether to wait for the outcome of the health reform process, or to remain covered, give us a call at (888) 748-5152. We can walk you through your options and provide you with several low cost, highly tailored plans.

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