Demystifying Insurance

  • How To Activate Your Coverage

    Open Enrollment began on November 1, but now that you’ve made a decision and enrolled in health care coverage for 2016, you may be wondering what comes next. If you have current insurance coverage, yo ... READ MORE

  • Subsidy Guide: What You Need To Know

    With the Supreme Court’s June 2015 ruling, the federal government will continue to provide tax subsidies to help low and middle income individuals and families buy health insurance. With the Affordabl ... READ MORE

  • Open Enrollment Period – A Quick Guide to Important Terms

    The Open Enrollment Period (OEP) for the Health Insurance Marketplace is the time when those eligible can enroll in a health insurance plan or make changes to their coverage. For 2016 coverage, OEP is ... READ MORE

  • Overview of Qualifying Life Events

    Life can be unpredictable and exciting, and change can be a good thing. With any major life change you may go through, we want to make sure your health insurance can keep up with you. A qualifying lif ... READ MORE

  • 10 Essential Health Benefits

    Under the Affordable Care Act, all individual and small group health plans sold inside and outside of the Health Insurance Marketplace are required to offer a comprehensive package of health benefits ... READ MORE

  • Qualifying for a Special Enrollment Period

    Individuals and families can enroll in affordable health care coverage during the Open Enrollment Period each year, but what happens if you find yourself in need of coverage outside of that timeframe? ... READ MORE

  • So ... What Are Indemnity Health Care Plans?

    We all learn differently. Some like to watch video, some prefer to read a story. Others have a more visual learning style. We, at HealthCompare, have put together a collection of presentations on topi ... READ MORE

  • Pre-existing Conditions and Eligibility for IFP's

    Pre-existing Conditions and Eligibility for IFP's Individual health insurance plans differ in the way pre-existing conditions are managed from Group Insurance plans. Group plans are able to spread the ... READ MORE

  • A Look at High Deductible Accounts

    A Look at High Deductible Accounts Using the words 'rational' and 'health insurance' in the same sentence may seem like an oxymoron, but actually, this is exactly the approach HealthCompare takes. We ... READ MORE

  • HealthCompare Enables Brokers to Sell Health Insurance In-or-Out of State

    The beauty of being an independent insurance broker (as opposed to a captive agent) is that independent brokers can match their clients with carriers that offer policies with the very best rates and c ... READ MORE

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